Jindal Enterprises, a sole proprietorship, was initiated in the year 1999 with the emphasis on the provision of healthcare services to the Eastern Region of India.

With the need for effective and efficient healthcare provision, it began operations in the field of Nephrology (Kidney Related Ailments); (Late Sri Gauri Shankerji Agarwal, the father of the sole proprietor was a Kidney patient for over nine years).

Coupled with high infrastructure capabilities and the continuous endeavor to serve and provide quality goods and services,Jindal Enterprises was able to meet the needs of patient needs effectively and achieve high growth levels successfully, thus establishing itself.

The extension led to the tie up with several Multinationals from various countries, which are renowned in their area of product development ranging from Intensive, Critical and Specialty Care, covering all major applications and services. Additionally, coupled with the onset for the growth of globalization trends and the emphasis on efficient and effective provision of healthcare services, Jindal Enterprises (the sister concern) launched the "Re-Definement of Healthcare Provision" with its new and unique "CONCEPT" Products. This has changed the way "People Provide and take benefits" of the "New Age Medical Revolution", ensuring a safer, healthier and better tomorrow.